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Electric Scooter E-Thor 49e Homologated 2000W - 20AH Orange - Inside-Pc

Electric Scooter E-Thor Homologated 2000W - 20AH Orange

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Electric Scooter E-Thor Homologated 2000W/20AH Orange

Discover the new electric motorcycle that will break all barriers! To enjoy your day to day with the possibility of using it on roads and areas for motor vehicles. Forget all maintenance, since unlike a combustion vehicle you will not have to worry about filters or complex repairs again. Recharge it at home and go!


  • Its modern design is accompanied by very high quality components to guarantee not only enjoyment but also its safety.
  • It incorporates a removable lithium battery of 60V / 20Ah capacity integrated from the factory that will provide you with enough energy to perform up to 65 kilometers of autonomy. 
  • This electric vehicle is equipped with a front LED light that provides a wide viewing angle thus allowing perfect driving both day and night without any danger.  In addition, other components that allow a totally safe driving such as front and rear disc brakes, front and rear dampers, as well as horn are incorporated into the LED headlamp.
  • One of the great advantages that allow us its modern design is its double seat, allowing the possibility of carrying a second passenger while driving. In addition, its latest generation digital marker will indicate at all times the speedometer, kilometers made, level and battery voltage.
  • Our E-Thor is an ideal vehicle for your day-to-day journeys, being able to use it even on roads and areas destined for motor vehicles. Its powerful Brushless 2000W electric motor will give you great advantages that you will notice from the first moment you drive:
    • Maximum savings in consumption. You can do 100km for less than €1 of electricity cost.
    • Maintenance much simpler and easier. Forget about filters, oils and / or gaskets.
    • No bad smells, no oil stains, or refueling at Gas Stations.
    • No annoying noises
  • You will completely forget about refueling , noticing great savings in a few weeks. How much does it cost to recharge a battery? The batteries of our E-Thor store energy, and its capacity to store it is often indicated as mAh or Ah (milli amps hour or amps hours). To convert this unit to Watt hours (Wh), so that we can do cost calculations, we just have to know what voltage the battery has. The mAh are converted to Wh by multiplying them by the voltage. The battery that integrates our E-Thor, 60 / 20Ah would be equal to 1200Wh. The cost price of KWh in Spain during 2019, has had an average of 0.15 euros, passed to Wh would be 0.00015Eur so we only need to multiply the Wh of the battery by the price Wh. 1200x0.00015 = 0.18 eur - Travel 60 kilometers for less than 20 cents!
  • In addition, not only the remarkable savings in combustion. From the first moment you will notice the low maintenance compared to a combustion vehicle. Composed of an electric motor in the wheel, a lithium battery and a controller. These are the three key elements that will make this vehicle work. Forget about breakdowns at startup, which you will have very little or no chance of having.
  • This version has a power of 2000W. Strength and power more than enough to load up to 180Kg and climb slopes with up to 15 degrees of inclination. In addition, the 20Ah battery will allow you to make up to 65Km with each charge.
  • The battery is made of lithium for a quick recharge, with a charging time of 4 to 5 hours.
  • The speed you can reach is up to 45 km / h, according to the maximum speed allowed for a motorcycle in Spain.
  • The large wheels of the E-Thor allow impressive driving stability with a reduced risk of falling. You can drive from 15 years on and without age limit! The product has been manufactured with 3D design technology. It is a unique, modern product with a minimalist structure.
  • It has the following certificates: CE. ROHS, UL, offering you high quality and safety in the purchase of this product.


This model distributed exclusively by us is Homologated by the Ministry of Industry as a Motorcycle, thus carrying yellow registration plate, and being able to circulate as a motor vehicle through streets, roads, etc.

In order to drive this vehicle it will be necessary to have the AM, A1,A2,A or B driver license. It can be obtained from 15 years of age in the DGT.

This model Homologated includes front and rear turn signals, short and long light, brake light, position light, license plate light, horn, rear view mirrors included. Unlike other Non-homologated Models, this model also includes some important changes required by European regulations to classify it as a motorcycle, such as:

  • Lithium battery 60v and 20Ah of great autonomy.
  • Approved Lighting System Short and Long Light, Turn Signals, Position Light, License Plate Light.
  • Certified odometer.
  • Rear view mirrors.
  • Frame number engraved on the chassis.
  • Power switch on the side support ("kiskstand")
  • Handlebar lock with key.
  • Front and Rear Disc brakes .
  • The maximum speed per construction for an approved is 45km / h as required in the homologation



  • Model: ES8007
  • Motor: 2000W
  • Battery: 60V 20Ah
  • Maximum Speed: 45 Km / h
  • Autonomy per charge: 65 Km * The batteries can be charged both on the motorcycle, and removed and charged separately.
  • Front Shock Absorber
  • Horn
  • Double Pneumatic Rear Shock
  • Front / Rear Disc brakes 
  • Front light (short and long) / Rear position and brake light.
  • Front and Rear Turn Signals
  • Digital Scoreboard (Odometer + Battery / Voltage Level)
  • 2 Start Keys
  • Maximum load: 180Kg
  • Scooter Weight: 85Kg
  • Dimensions: 170x37x74cm
  • Charging Time: 4-5 Hours

** This product includes assembly tools.


The price of this product includes transportation on the Peninsula, national VAT, the DGT fees for registration, agency fees, current year's circulation tax, and the license plate already installed. The buyer must insure the vehicle through his insurance company, and comply with the traffic regulations. 

Important :

  • Before use, completely read the user manual, safety warnings, maintenance, inspection, use of the batteries and keep the manual that accompanies the product, for future reference. Please respect the traffic rules.
  • The Homologated models are delayed in the shipment between 3 and 5 business days, since it is the time necessary to register it and to receive the original documentation, like Technical card and License Plate.
  • It is also necessary to sign a sales contract and an application for Enrollment. Our team will contact the buyer to send them such contracts and carry out the process.
  • Electric Moped 0 Emissions Approved by the DGT and Ministry of Industry. Legal Circulation 100x100.


Warranty:  2 years on all components and parts of the product, except the battery, whose warranty is 6 months as it is a wear product. We have all kinds of spare parts, such as batteries, motors, covers, headlights and pilots, brakes, levers, electronics.


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Electric Scooter E-Thor 49e Homologated 2000W - 20AH Orange - Inside-Pc

Electric Scooter E-Thor 49e Homologated 2000W - 20AH Orange - Inside-Pc

Electric Scooter E-Thor Homologated 2000W - 20AH Orange

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