SATA Adapter Aluminium HDD Caddy 12.7mm  - Inside-Pc Maximize

SATA Adapter Aluminium HDD Caddy 12.7mm - Inside-Pc

SATA Adapter Aluminium HDD Caddy 12.7mm

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SATA Adapter Aluminium HDD Caddy 12.7mm

Get this Aluminum SATA 3.0 for your computer compatible with laptops with a thickness of 12.7mm and SATA interface. Compatibility Lenovo:

Thinkpad: E40 E420 E425 E430 E430C E50 E520 E525 E530 E530C E545 L410 L412 L420 L420T L421 L430 L512 L520 L530 T430 T420 R400 R500 SL300 SL400 SL400C SL410 SL410K SL500 SL500C SL510 SL510K S420 E445

Lenovo: 3000 G230 G400 G430 G450 G455 G460 G465 G470 G475 G480 G485 G490 G530 G550 G560 G565 G570 G575 G580 G770 G500 G510 B450 B460 B465 B470 B475 B480 B490 B550 B560 B565 B570 B575 Z360 Z370

Z380 Z380A Z460 Z465 Z460 Z465 Z470 Z475 Z480 Z560 Z565 Z570 Z575 Z580 M490

Y serie: Y430 Y450 Y460 Y460A Y460C Y460N Y460P Y470 Y470N Y470P Y471 Y480 Y480N Y480P Y485 Y530 Y550

Y560 Y570 Y580 Y650 Y710 Y730 G360 M495 M4430A M4430G B440A G710

V Serie: V450 V460 V470 V480 V550 V560 V570 V580

Other Series: G450 B450 Z460 Z465 and so on..

Soyang: E46 E46A E46L E43G E43A E43L E47 E47L E49 E49A E49G K23 K26 K42 K43 K43A K43G K46 K46A K47 K47A K47G K49 K49A


series EA/EB/EE All models

series CA/CW/N (for example, EA100/EB37/EE37/CA18/CW16/N120)



CQ serie: CQ20 CQ32 CQ34 CQ35 CQ36 CQ40 CQ41 CQ42 CQ43 CQ45 CQ60 CQ61 CQ62 CQ70

DV serie: DV3 DV4 DV5 DV6 DV7 DV8 (CD-ROM wieh SATA interface)

HP 2230 s 4230 s 4310 s 4410 s 4411s4413s 4415s4416s4421s4425s HP G4 G6-2146TX 4321 s 4325 s 4326 s 4331 s 4431 s 4436 s 4520 s 4530 s 4710 s 4720 s 4730 s 6531 s


satelite L526 L600 L750D P700 L700 L730 T20W L750 C600 C600D C850 A660 L850

TOSHIBA R800 L850 M337 L750 K32V K41 L800 L531 L525 L526 L537 L630-06S


Acer Aspire 3750, 3935, 4250, 4560, 4560, 4625, 4630, 4730, 4733, 4736, 4738, 4739, 4740, 4741, 4743, 4745, 4749, 4750, 4752, 47554930, 4935, 4937, 5735, 5739, 5740, 5741, 5742, 5745, 5749, 5750, 5755, 5760, 5930, 5935, 5940, 5942, 5943 5945, 5950, 5951, 6930, 69357540, 7551, 7552, 7560, 7735, 7736, 7739, 7741, 7745, 7750, 8935, 8940, 8942, 8943, 8950, 8951

Note: Acer, some models need to update the BIOS to use the Caddy (if you can't enter the BIOS, update the BIOS)


Series: A40 A40jp A41 A42 A43 A43S A43J A43E A43SJ A45 A52 A53 A54 A53S A55 A72 A73 A75 A83 A84 A84S A93 A95 A85V

Series K: K40in K40 K41 K42 K43 K45 K50 K51 K52 K53 K54 K55 K55V K55VD K60 K61 K62 K70 K72 K73 K75 K84 K93 K95

series N: N42 N43 N43J N43S N45 N46 N50 N51 N52 N53 N53S N53sn N55 N55S N56 N60 N61 N61ja N70 N71 N73 N75 N76 N80 N81 N81P N81VP N82 N90

Serie F: F83se F8V F5 F50 F52 F6 F7 F70 F8 F8V F8VA F80 F81 F82 F83 F9

Serie P: P42 P42JC P43 P52 P53SJ

X series: X42 X43 X44 X45 X50 X52 X53 X54 X55 X56 X53SJ


Hasee A350 A400 A410 A420 A430 A450 A460 A470A500 A550 A560 A570 A580

elegante: HP230 HP240 HP260 HP280 HP430 HP530 HP540 HP550 HP560 HP570 HP630 HP640 HP650 HP660 HP670 HP740 HP750 HP760 HP850 HP860 HP870 HP880 HP920

K360 K470 K480 K500 K500B K470 K480 K570 K580


N4010 N4030 N4040 N4050 N5110 N5010 M4010 M4030 M5010 M5110 E5400 E5420 E5500 E5520 1427 de 1440 a 1450


530U4B 300E4A 305V4A E3415 E3420 200A4Y 600B4B RC410 RC420 RF410 RF411 RV410 RV411 RV415 RV420 RF410 RF510 RF511 RC510 RC520 RC530 RC710 R518 R522 R523 R528 R530 R503 R505 R507 R508 R510 R423 R428 R429 R430 R440 R523 R530 R540 R439 R440 R480 R453 R466 R467 R468 R478 R463 R464 R457 R470 P428 P430 P480 P530 Q470 Q530 R428 R429 305V5A-S09 R458 R476 335v4c 3445vc Q468 355V5C


X46H S40H K40H K41H K46C K456 K458 K462 K463 K465 K466 K468 K469 K485 K489 V43H V43A V45H Z40A T46 T46H K42F K561 K483


De serie: GT780DX GT660 GE620DX GE600 GT683DX

Serie F: FX610MX FX610 FX620DX FX420 FX400 FX620DX

Classic serie: CX640 CX500 CX480 CX420 CX410 CX413 CR650 CR460 CR420 CR410 CR400 CX600X CX700 CX705

Pack Content

1x SATA Aluminum 12.7mm
4x Screws
1x Screwdriver


2 years

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SATA Adapter Aluminium HDD Caddy 12.7mm  - Inside-Pc

SATA Adapter Aluminium HDD Caddy 12.7mm - Inside-Pc

SATA Adapter Aluminium HDD Caddy 12.7mm

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