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Let the fun begin

Logitech crayon is a versatile digital pencil for iPad (6th generation) with pixel precision that lets you unleash your creativity.Whether you want to mark pdf files or take sketches or sketch masterpieces Logitech
crayon works with applications compatible with apple pencil.and there are hundreds of them available at this moment so you can start learning how to collaborate and create on your iPad whenever you want.
as natural as pencil and paper
the best balance between work and fun

Logitech crayon brings new dynamic ways to interact with the iPad
using applications compatible with apple can use it when
you take notes in notability when you draw in tayasui sketches or even if you are learning to write with writing wizard: Logitech crayon makes all kinds of tasks easier and fun.
put your personal note

Logitech crayon adds a new and interesting dimension to your way of interacting with the iPad.You can easily write pdf to take your accounting file in Excel or even add it to your documents images traced by hand with a simple movement.There are hundreds of applications compatible with apple pencil that you can try and every day are added more to the list.
perfect your work

do not settle for the right thing to take your projects to a higher level.Logitech
crayon facilitates the creation of attractive and stunning documents with your personal touch in pages keynote adobe® lightroom cc and other applications of productivity.
express your creativity

remember how easily you expressed yourself in your childhood now you can go back to doing it.Logitech crayon allows you to incorporate your creativity to any project or task whether you are young or if you have young soul.
main features
uses apple pencil technology

the apple pencil technology on which Logitech crayon is based supports the best digital pen experience currently available.And Logitech Crayon is specifically designed for iPad (6th generation) so you have instant access to hundreds of applications compatible with apple pencil: the only limit is your imagination.Exactly.Without delays.

Do you know how to use a pencil then you know how to use Logitech crayon.te
offers pixel precision without noticeable delays so you can write and draw naturally without fear of missing a line or detail.
palm rejection technology

quietly supports the palm of your hand on the screen as you type: iPad
applies a reject function to allow a natural posture when using Logitech crayon.just concentrate on the Homework you have in your hands
without worrying about them.
always the perfect line

do you need a thicker or thinner line as it tilts the pencil.Logitech
crayon has an intelligent tip that dynamically adjusts the thickness of the line according to the placement angle * as with a normal pencil.

* is not sensitive to pressure
turn it on and draw

simply press the power button and start typing or drawing on the iPad immediately is a Yes easy.Logitech crayon connects to iPad instantly
no need for complex device pairings or other delays.
stable shape

Logitech crayon's exclusive design is not limited to the superficial aspect.The flat shape is designed to stay where it is left and to prevent it from rolling down the table to the floor or getting lost.under a shelf.
durable batteries

Logitech crayon allows up to 7 hours of writing on a single charge and automatically switches off after 30 minutes of inactivity to save battery.If you notice that the level is low, you will not alarmes: with 2 minutes of loading and you will have 30 minutes of writing.
suitable for any hand

large small adult children: Logitech crayon has been designed with light and resistant materials for hands of all shapes and sizes.
left-handed users included!
design for active lives

you can carry it in the bag the backpack pocket...Logitech crayon is equipped with protection against falls of 122 m and has a top with secure fixing.
two years warranty

Problems Logitech crayon has a 2 year limited hardware warranty and access to a helpline for possible problems.
care and maintenance
easy configuration

step 1
make sure that the version of ios is 11.4 or later you can check it in the general iPad software settings.

step 2
disconnect previously connected digital pens (eg apple

step 3
press the Logitech crayon power button for 1-2 seconds until the led lights green.

write and draw!
software updates

the update of ios on the iPad can affect the experience with
notes any change in the operation follow these steps.
spare parts

The tip can be damaged if the Logitech crayon falls and is also spent with the use.If any of these situations occurs it will be necessary to replace the tip to avoid damaging the can purchase tip parts and tip covers and Logitech crayon tops sold separately.
specifications and details

compatible devices
iPad 6th generation (2018)
(model: a1893 a1954) - height dimensions: 163 mm and width: 12 mm
depth: 8 mm per weight: 20 g
specifications for protection

falls from 12 m
power and connections

lithium battery

up to 7 hours of writing

turns off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity to conserve the battery

the on/off button must be pressed for 1 second

battery charge indicator: short press on the on/off button |
green light with battery> 10% red light with battery <10%
the led emits red flashes with battery <5%

charge via the iPad lightning cable

covered cargo port by a stop with replaceable fixation

replaceable (sold separately)

sensitivity of inclination for thick dynamic line r

palm rejection technology ignores involuntary material touches

tube: aluminum

top: silicone rubber

cover: pc + abs
contents of the box
Logitech crayon
documentation and warranty information

two-year limited hardware warranty
reference number

reference number: 914-000034

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